Celebrating Years Together with Diamond Rings

Centuries ago, couples received gifts of silver or gold to honor milestone anniversaries together. As time passed, more people felt that every year together was worth celebrating. These occasions are marked with cards, evenings out, and even diamond anniversary bands.

Diamond bands commemorate major events in a couple’s life, such as engagements and weddings. This is due in part to their brilliance and shine. Diamonds are also a traditional symbol of romance. The hardness of the jewel represents the unbreakable bonds between two people.

Anniversary lists suggest specific gifts for each year. They may say paper is appropriate for the first year, cotton for the second, and so on. However, few lists agree with one another. One could name appliances for a certain year, another may suggest candy for the same milestone. Still others may consist only of flowers or jewels. The best approach might be to follow your instincts.

Diamond eternity bands are made of tiny gems surrounding the finger. The endless circle of stands for lasting love. The jewels may have matching cut and size, or alternate between different cuts for variety. Settings also vary, from prong, channel set or even micropave bands.

Other anniversary rings include half eternity rings, where stones cover half the band. Three stone diamond rings represent the past, present and future of a couple. Bands with five or more closely set diamonds are also popular for anniversaries.

Couples who adore their current rings may take a different approach. Buying loose diamonds and changing the stones on their rings combines old and new. Removing diamonds from their old rings and mounting them in different bands is another option.

Anniversary bands, along with other romantic rings, are meant to be worn. Legend says the fourth finger on the left hand has a vein leading straight to the heart. One option is to stack the ring on top of the engagement or wedding bands. If you’re looking for an anniversary ring that looks good with other pieces, please visit our Custom Diamond Collection.