Weddings can feel like the ultimate expression of love. Many traditions arose to honor the occasion. Engagements, or agreeing to marry, are commemorated with diamond engagement rings. At the marriage ceremony, wedding bands are exchanged between the couple to mark the next step in their relationship.

As time goes on, it becomes clear that the wedding is one milestone of many in marriage. A couple may wish for a token which celebrates their time together, like a diamond anniversary band. As with diamond engagement rings or wedding bands, there are no fixed style to wear, but many options to choose from.


Diamond Eternity Bands

Diamond eternity band
Those who wish to mark their wedding anniversary with a new ring may want to consider diamond eternity bands, rings encrusted with small diamonds which circle the entire band. Diamond eternity bands were initially promoted as a way to commemorate many happy years of marriage. Like the diamonds that form an endless loop, the bond between a married couple knows no bounds.

Diamond eternity bands are frequently made of diamonds of the same cut, carat, color and clarity, which are mounted along the perimeter of the ring. There is a wealth of designs to choose from, such as the precious metal, shape and size of the diamonds, and the type of setting. The gemstones don’t need to be uniform, but can be of alternating cuts and colors for visual interest. Some people even choose to have diamonds covering only half of their eternity band, finding such styles more comfortable to wear.





Three Stone Rings

Three stone ring
Three stone diamond bands are a popular choice of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. The style consists of three diamonds of the same cut, but with the middle stone of a larger size, for contrast. Three stone diamond bands are said to represent the past, present and future of a couple, making it an ideal anniversary ring.

The most popular types of three stone diamond anniversary bands are those with round brilliant or princess cut diamonds. Other styles, like oval, heart or radiant cuts may also be used, depending on the taste of the wearer. Those who want a look similar to three stone diamond bands but more luxurious may want to consider rings with five or more diamonds.

Still more design choices for diamond anniversary bands include the type of precious metal, with choices like platinum adding neutral touch to the ring, and warmer colors like yellow gold brightening the hand. Mounts like the trellis or common prong help decorate the ring, and styles like the bezel or half bezel help to protect the diamonds. Halos may circle the perimeter of the three stones or each individual diamond, adding brilliance to diamond bands.



Ring Modifications

For some couples, their diamond engagement rings or wedding bands are so precious, they don’t want any other ring to overshadow them. At the same time, they may desire a tangible way of acknowledging their lives together. Modifying already existing rings, turning them into diamond anniversary bands, is one way of satisfying both desires.



A subtle way to commemorate your wedding anniversary is through modifying the inside of your diamond wedding band, such as an engraved message. For your anniversary, the design could be the initials of the two of you, your wedding date, or even “I love you.” Some people may choose a slightly showier route by engraving the outer portion of their wedding bands, displaying their sentiment for others to see.



Halo engagement ring
Those who treasure their diamond wedding bands may be torn between wanting something brilliant to commemorate their anniversary and holding on to a ring that means so much to them. A possible compromise is to add diamonds or other decoration to the preexisting ring. One such embellishment is a border of smaller diamonds around the original gemstone, also known as a halo engagement ring.

Halos add brilliance to a diamond while making the stone appear larger. Since many tiny diamonds are more affordable than a single large one, halos can be an economical way of highlighting your wedding Using a double halo may make your diamond wedding band look even more luxurious. While diamonds are the most common choice for halos, colored gemstones may also be used to add contrast to the rest of the ring.






Side Stones

Side stones
Another option for transforming your diamond wedding band into a diamond anniversary band is to add side stones. Like a halo, side stones add brilliance and luster to the ring and its central jewel. For those who like to stand out from the crown, diamond side stones may take on a variety of shapes and designs, helping to customize your ring

When choosing your side stones, you may opt to place them in settings matching those of the central stone. Some mounts however are better suited to side stones, particularly numerous smaller jewels. One such option is the channel setting, which places diamonds in a groove built into the diamond wedding band. Another choice is the pave setting, which uses many tiny diamonds to encrust the shank.

Choosing a mount that blends in with the rest of the diamond wedding band turned anniversary ring is popular, though some people take another option. To further catch the eye, you might want to consider having the side stones mounted in a contrasting precious metal, such as rose gold prongs on a platinum band. These will add unexpected spots of color to your diamond wedding band, making it all the more unique.




Another way to dress up the jewels in your diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band is to have them remounted into a new ring. Those who could only afford a humble ring before, may now be able to set their diamonds in a band as understated or extravagant as they please. This also gives a couple the chance to select diamond anniversary bands that reflect their current tastes, or to add symbols celebrating their lives together.

Valentin Magro specializes in custom designs. Whatever diamond anniversary bands you dream of, we will strive to make them a reality. We offer design possibilities through our custom diamond collection,  as well as unique collaborations with our clients.

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