Helping Diamond Rings Gleam

The term “finish” means a couple of things in regarding diamond bands. One refers to the diamond itself. Skilled polish and symmetry can make a jewel extraordinary. Finish as it applies to precious metal influences its surface appearance. This can be anything from a textured matte to a smooth gleam. Both types add to the ring’s beauty.

A Bright Finish on Diamond Bands

Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are admired for many qualities, including their shine. To achieve this, the stone should be polished to produce sharp, well defined reflections. Symmetry ensures the precise formation and placement of facets. This in turn creates even lighting within and upon the jewel.

Precious metal has many properties which allow for a variety of polishes. Malleability allows platinum and gold wedding bands to achieve the subtle details of a brush or hammer finish. Metal can also reach a mirror-like luster as bright as a diamond’s.

When a brilliant diamond is mounted in a luminous band, the result can be breathtaking. Some designer engagement rings, like illusion or bezel settings, use white metal to continue the diamond’s brightness. The surrounding metal shines as brightly as the jewel, reflecting extra light and making the gem seem larger.

To keep diamond rings shining, make sure to clean them from time to time. Dust can create a barrier between light and band, dulling your jewelry. There are many at-home methods available, such as a soft toothbrush and mild detergent. Those who prefer a stronger approach can ask their jeweler about professional cleaning.