Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut diamonds are a mixed cut with a square outline. They appear in many types of jewelry, from necklaces to rings. Princess cut engagement rings are especially popular. The diamond may appear as a center stone, side stone, halo and more.

Princess cut’s angular shape stands out from the traditional round brilliant. Connoisseurs seeking a more current design may turn to princess cut engagement rings. Those who enjoy geometric styles might enjoy princess cut’s straight lines and chevron facet patterns. Their form allows for versatility as both feature stones and accents.

Beloved princess cut rings include the solitaire. A single diamond on the band draws full attention to its beauty. A three stone princess engagement ring uses the jewels to represent the past, present and future of a couple. Other possibilities include halos to brighten the design, or channel set stones to make the band gleam.

To keep your diamonds looking their best, make sure they have protective settings. These safeguard the fragile edges and corners from damage. Bezel mounts and V-shaped prongs are common approaches. Any setting which wraps around the vulnerable areas will safeguard your jewels.