Oval Diamonds

The most sought out diamond shapes today are round and square. Those looking for something unusual yet classic have other cuts to consider. Oval diamonds are an old cut, dating as far back as 1304. While other shapes may come and go in terms of popularity, ovals are always stylish.

Oval diamonds are a modified brilliant cut, also known as a fancy brilliant. Their shape and faceting set them apart from the round brilliant cut diamond. There is no one standard for oval diamonds, leading to different expressions of brightness, fire and scintillation. When set as a center stone in rings, ovals often reach down the length of the finger. As side stones, they may sit parallel to the band.

One of oval diamond’s distinct features is its apparent size. It appears larger than its carat weight suggests. Budget minded people who enjoy the look of sizable stones may want to consider ovals. The shape is also appealing to those who want their hands to appear longer and slimmer.

Ideal oval diamonds are symmetrical down their length and width. The depth should be neither too shallow nor too deep, to optimize brilliance. Their curves are more appealing when they aren’t too flat or exaggerated. The diamonds may be wider or slimmer, depending on individual taste.