Heart Engagement Rings

As a symbol, hearts resemble two half circles tapering into an inverted triangle. This represents everything from vitality to sentiment. Hearts’ association love, romance, commitment and more make them a popular diamond shape. By extension, heart engagement rings are in constant demand.

Heart shaped fancy brilliant cut diamonds are complex. Their center tops feature a cleft, with two lobes on either side. These narrow into the belly, which in turn eases into the wings and point. Cutters must also ensure the diamond shines like any other brilliant.

Heart engagement rings have no one look. Prong settings secure the stone while drawing little attention to themselves. Halos underscore the heart shape while adding brightness, while a double halo in contrasting colors gives a striking effect. Side stones and diamond encrusted bands help the overall ring glitter.

Symmetry is essential for attractive heart diamonds. Its lobes should be rounded, the cleft and point defined, and the wings gently curved. No matter the design, heart engagement rings should protect the delicate diamond point. V-shaped prongs are common, as are bezels and other features which wrap around the tip.