Lapis Lazuli or popularly known as lapis is the blue gemstone that has been used for thousands of years. It is still one of the most well-known opaque gemstones. Primarily Lapis is composed of the mineral Lazurite, Calcite and there are also traces of Pyrite. It ought to be mentioned here that the coloring of Lapis to a large extent is influenced by the mineral composition of the stone. It is true that color of the stone can be determined by its name that is blue gemstone but the colors range from greenish blue to violetish and from medium to dark.


Square Lapis and Gold Earrings

You might have a fetish for dangling earrings but how about trying a pair of smart looking Lapis Lazulli gold square earrings? The earrings come in a square cut and will surely make you stand out in the crowd with pyramid faceted lapis. It has an 18kt gold motif on all the sides of the motif adding to its overall beauty. You can pair these square earrings either with your formal wear while you are on the way to your office or if you are heading to a party with your friends.


Lapis and Azurite Malachite Earrings

Here comes your dangling earrings with a round lapis and a special cut azurite malachite along with brilliant cut diamonds. The beauty of this pair of earrings will surely make you the cynosure of all eyes when you are in a gathering. It is the round deep blue flawless lapis in the earring that makes it really special.


Lapis Tear Drop Earrings

If you love the blue color you cannot just miss this Lapis Tear Drop Earrings. They are an exemplary collection of artistic finesse. These earrings are made with 18kt yellow gold. Some of the major attractions of the earring include a round cabochon, a tear drop lapis, and a small brilliant diamond that is set between the round structure and the tear drop lapis.


Lapis Gold Necklace

How is it possible that your lapis earrings are not paired with the perfect looking necklace? There are a plethora of options from which you can choose the one that perfectly suits your taste and budget. You could choose the Lapis gold necklace that has five strands of lapis chicklets. Along with that it has an 18kt gold ring and a toggle clasp. This necklace can be a great combination with your square lapis gold earrings. Moreover, when you get decked up for an evening party it can look great with your low cut gown.

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