Morganite Color – Pink, Purple

Morganite drop earrings


Beryl has been a popular gemstone for millennia, particularly its emerald and aquamarine varieties. One member of this jewel family didn’t receive a name until 1910, when gemologist George Kunz named rose beryl after the financier J.P. Morgan. Morganite gets it delicate coloring with the aid of trace manganese, turning the jewel any shade between violet, salmon and pink. The bigger the crystal, the more intense the color, leading to cut stones with deep pavilions.

One of the largest known morganites is the Rose of Maine. Discovered in 1989, its rough measured 23 centimeters high, 30cm across and weighed over 50 pounds, or 184 carats. In the mine, the Rose of Maine glowed a deep fiery which turned pink under sunlight.

Morganite was first discovered in 1910 in Madagascar pegmatite deposits. The jewel has since been found in a number of countries including the United States, Brazil and Myanmar. In the US, Maine is notable for providing the largest morganite ever mined, the 184 carat Rose of Maine.

The way morganite forms allows for massive rough crystals. Connoisseurs who love wearing large stones and gem cutters who want to experiment with sizable stones and can find what they’re looking for with morganite. Large rough is also useful for people who want deeper hues to their morganite. Since the color concentrates with additional mass, deep pavilions make for stronger shades of pink.