Eternity Wedding Band

Wedding bands are an ongoing tradition, going as far back as ancient Egypt. Everything about these rings has special meaning, from the finger it rests upon to the shape. The band goes over the legendary vena amoris, a vein which leads straight to the heart. The circle stands for endless love. The eternity wedding band adds upon these symbols.

Diamonds were a later addition to wedding bands. The jewel is famed for its unparalleled hardness. When cut, it shines brighter than any other gem. These qualities make it popular as a romantic token. Not only is it beautiful, it’s as durable as love.

The eternity wedding band combines old symbols to create something old yet new. It gets its name from the diamonds which run along the shank, forming a closed loop. As with the oldest wedding bands, it goes on and on without end. The diamonds show the relationship is strong as well as steadfast.

Most eternity bands feature uniform sizes and cuts. Of these, round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular. Modified brilliant cuts may include ovals or cushions. Frequently used step cuts include baguettes and slim emerald cuts. While most designs have a single line of gems, fanciful versions may have rows of different cuts.

Common settings for eternity bands include prongs. Jewels may have individual mounts, or share prongs with their neighbors. Pave and micro pave bands use miniscule burrs to secure jewels. Channel settings, which place stones inside the same groove, are also popular.