Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

As the name suggests, emerald cuts were originally developed for the green gemstone. In time, other jewels received the same cut, including diamonds. Unlike brilliant cuts, which focus on light traveling in the diamond, emerald cuts draw out other diamond traits.

Emerald cuts are a type of step cut, which focus on a stone’s clarity, color and luster over brilliance. They have broad top and bottom most facets, with concentric facets in between. Emerald cuts in particular have rectangular outlines with cropped corners. This shape protects fragile jewels from excessive wear and tear.

The table of an emerald cut serves as a window to its interior. Diamonds with high clarity grades or unusual clarity characteristics are ideal for this. The cut also underscores the jewel’s color, hence jewels with strong color ratings are recommended. Symmetry is also important, as are corners which are even with one another.

Common designs for emerald cut engagement rings include single prongs, which secure the jewel while drawing as little attention to themselves as possible. Double prongs add a subtle decorative touch. Brilliant halos add a sparkling counterpoint, while baguette border bring a sleek look. Side stones provide extra shine.