While some jewelers strive to create new cuts and designs, others enjoy improving classics. Antique cuts are updated with greater brilliance, and older bands are altered to appeal to current tastes. Vintage inspired designer engagement rings are classic with a touch of the uncommon. Older diamond cuts that tie into this aesthetic include cushion cuts, ovals and marquises.

Cushion cut diamondsArticle about Vintage Inspired Brilliance originate from proto round brilliant cuts like the old mine and old European. The latter jewels aimed to create brilliance while preserving as much carat as possible. The number of facets varied, and their shapes varied between squares and rounds. Modern cushion cuts are brighter than their predecessors, with a more consistent shape. Cushion cut engagement rings are choice for those who want something bright but unlike a round brilliant.

Oval diamonds are technically modified brilliants, though they date back centuries before the round brilliant. Like cushions, they’re bright jewels that stand out from the typical round or square shapes. When paired with an antique style setting, they emulate vintage designs while giving off modern levels of brilliance.

Marquise diamonds are thin ovals with pointed ends. They were developed in the mid-18th century at the request of French king Louis XV. Marquise’s slender shape stands out from other brilliant cuts, appealing to the less conventional minded. The cut also appears larger than its carat size, making it both beautiful and budget friendly.

Aside from diamonds, bands too can provide an older look. Precious metals like platinum or white gold engagement rings can evoke the early 20th century, while yellow gold provide a retro feeling. The band’s design is another factor. Decorations like openwork, engraving or molded on designs can emulate vintage aesthetics.