Princess Cuts and Diamond RingsPrincess cut diamonds are a relatively new addition to the world of diamond cuts. When they first came out is unclear, but they were in circulation by the 1980s. Princess cuts combine brilliance while sacrificing little carat. Between their thrift and less conventional square shape, they’re second in popularity only to round brilliants.

The distinct features of a princess cut include defined corners and a mixed cut. While its top has the concentric facets of a step cut, the lower half is brilliant. When viewed from above, the diamond shows two to four chevrons, depending on the cutting style. Unlike round brilliants, there is no standard way to fashion princess cuts.

Popular settings for princess cut diamond rings include prong sets. This open style allows plenty of light to travel through the gem and promote brilliance. Cathedral mounts form a sort of pedestal to better display the diamond. Bezel and half bezel mounts wrap around the edge of the stone to create a decorative rim around the jewel.

When looking for princess cut diamond rings, symmetry matters. Sides should be parallel, and the corners should form right angles. The cut should have a balance of light and shadows, though the exact amount varies by taste. Princess cuts look good on many types of ring, including wedding bands, anniversary rings, and eternity bands.