Same Shape, Different Cuts

When people think of square diamonds, princess cut diamond rings come to mind. They’re beloved for many reasons, including a sparkle that differs from the round brilliant. Princess cuts are not the only square diamonds. To prevent confusion, here are some key differences.

A Look at Square Diamonds

Diamonds are most fragile at their thinnest. Some jewelers adapt by mounting geometric diamonds in protective settings. Others will trim corners to discourage chipping. Princess cuts maintain a classic square shape. Cuts like the Asscher modify their outlines with cropped corners.

Princess cut diamonds are designed for brightness. Unlike fancy brilliant diamonds, the top, or crown of a princess is step cut. It’s shaped less for sparkle and more for preserving carat. The bottom of a princess diamond is responsible for its brilliance.

Asscher diamonds are step cut throughout the gem. The jewel has three rows of nested facets each on its top and bottom halves. While it’s brighter than other step cut diamonds, it highlights the jewel’s crystal more than brilliant or mixed cuts. This balance of glitter and clarity make it a sought-after cut.

A Look at Square Diamonds

Modified square brilliants are similar to princess cuts in that both display brightness. They differ with their crowns. The modified brilliants are designed to increase the overall brilliance of the stone. Depending on individual facet patterns, some square brilliants may be trademarked with names like the Quadrillion.

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