Finding the right gem can be tricky. Many people want to buy quality diamond rings, but may not know what to look for. Diamond certificates attest to a stone’s traits. They outline the major factors of the jewel, including weight and color. Reports also help distinguish gem stone from another.

Article about GIA Certification and Your DiamondsNot all certificates are alike. Independent third-party laboratories don’t have the conflicts of interest a buyer or seller run lab may possess. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has a long reputation of excellence. Since the 1950s, it keeps innovating to improve diamond grading.

Carat measures the size of the diamond. The larger the jewel, the rarer and more in demand. One metric carat is equal to one fifth of a gram. GIA uses powerful scales to weigh diamonds to the hundredth thousandth of a carat. This is rounded to the hundredth of a carat to obtain a precise official number.

Most diamonds have a hint of yellow or brown. Those with little discernable tint are more sought after. GIA grades color on a scale from D to Z, with D being the faintest. Diamonds graded under controlled conditions and lighting. The gem is compared to master stones representing each grade until the appropriate rating is determined.

Diamonds form deep within the earth under drastic conditions. As they take shape, quirks may appear in the crystal. Clarity gauges the amount, location and type of characteristics in the jewel. GIA measures them on a scale from Flawless to Included 3. Clarity characteristics are marked on a diagram printed on the certificate.

Cut determines how well the jewel is designed and crafted. Depth, angles and other proportions are examined and compared against one another. Different types of light such as brilliance and scintillation are studied from different directions, and so on. Cut grades range from Excellent to Poor.

All diamonds Valentin Magro uses are GIA certified. When selecting loose diamonds or a stone for your diamond engagement ring, you’ll see a chart. It lists the jewels’ cut, carat, color, clarity and other traits. No matter what gem you choose, you’ll receive its GIA certificate along with the diamond.