Sentiment and Rings

Diamond bands convey many ideas. They showcase the gem’s beauty and artisan’s skills. As engagement rings, romantic symbols fill every part of the band. This is even more true of heart engagement rings.

Diamonds of the Heart

Due to the close bond of the individual atoms, diamonds are extremely hard. Only a diamond can scratch another. This endurance is used to convey the love between a couple. There may be one or countless jewels on a ring, but the meaning remains the same.

Most rings form a circle. The shape continues without end, serving as another sign of lasting devotion. Mounting diamonds onto the shank displays love that is both strong and constant. Playing with the shape of the stone may add still more symbolism.

Hearts are a motif resembling an upside-down triangle topped with two half circles. The shape can represent the physical heart, as well as emotion. This led cutters to design heart shaped jewels to add sentiment to diamond engagement rings.

When choosing a heart jewel for your ring, make sure it’s symmetrical. Its two lobes on the top should be as round as the other. Ideal length to width ratios are 1:1. The tip looks best with a defined point, with the sides leading to it slightly curved.