Innovations in Diamond Cutting
Read article regarding differences from cushion to round brilliantRound brilliant cut diamond engagement rings are the most sought after of diamond bands. There was no brighter diamond before it. Many previous cuts, such as the single cut, aimed to provide greater brilliance. Of the round brilliant’s predecessors, cushion cut diamonds are still made today.

The outline of a cushion cut is between a square and an oval. Like the round brilliant, it has fifty-eight facets. Older versions have high upper and deep lower halves. Modern editions have no fixed shape, with some being rounder and others more elongated. Depending on the cut style, the levels of brilliance and fire also varies.

Round brilliant diamonds are the result of intense gemological study. Compared to older cushion cuts, their total depth is shorter, which helps increase brilliance. The round brilliant is stricter than its cousin, with guidelines on angles, ratios and other proportions. This in turn provides consistent brightness among gems of this cut.

The round brilliant is designed so light enters and keeps traveling within the jewel. When light finally exits, it’s towards the viewer’s eye. This method ensures a shining jewel. Along with its brilliance, these diamonds are meant to exhibit flashes of color and shadow to balance its white light. The light display makes it a sought-after jewel.

Cushion and round brilliants are brilliant cut, which focus on brightening the diamond from within. They’re shaped so light fills the jewel and delights the wearer. Round brilliant engagement rings are bestsellers. Cushion cut engagement rings appeal to those who want a vintage touch or something less conventional.