A Diamond’s Evolution

Cushion cut diamonds are the newer edition of vintage diamond cuts. For centuries, cutters have played with shape, facets and proportions, looking to fill jewels with brilliance. Some of these styles remained popular, others gave way to stones like the round brilliant. Even with modern innovations, some people have a soft spot for cushion cut engagement rings and older designs.

Cushion Cut Diamond and Its Predecessors

Diamonds have always been rare and precious. Cutting must balance between preserving carat and drawing out the stone’s best qualities. Technology also influences cut. Before the advent of the diamond saw, jewels could only be ground into shape. Since only one fashioned stone could be made from a rough, preserving weight was especially important.

The old mine cut premiered during the eighteenth century. It had a high top and deep bottom, with an outline between a square and oval. These proportions may have been to help retain more of the diamond. Its fifty-eight facets added brightness which influenced later cuts.

The old European cut appeared in the late nineteenth century. Like the old mine, it was high and deep. This newer cut had an unusual outline for the time, round. With the old European diamond came a greater focus on symmetry, which in turn increased brilliance.

Cushion Cut Diamond and Its Predecessors

Today’s cushion cuts have the roundish square outline of old mines. Cut styles vary between individual cushions. Some may be more brilliant, others fiery, or resemble antique gems. There are cushion cut diamond rings for all tastes. Our Custom Diamond Collection allows you to find your ideal diamond and pair it with the bands and embellishments you love.