Designer Engagement Rings

The term “designer engagement rings” brings many images to mind. Some may be the most avant-garde of jewelry, with features few have thought to create. Others may evoke the glamor of Hollywood or far off locations. The style possibilities are vast.

People seek designer engagement rings for an array of reasons. There is the desire to be unique, to stand out and be admired. Connecting one’s ring, and by extension oneself, to gorgeous periods and places is also appealing. So is wanting something beautiful to commemorate an engagement.

Valentin Magro offers a plethora of engagement rings. These include platinum, gold, colored gold, round brilliant cut diamonds, fancy cut diamonds and more. Designs can be as simple as a solitaire or as extravagant as a flower made of diamonds.

There are a few tips for selecting engagement rings. Finding your size ensures comfort and reduces the risk of slipping. Diamond certificates from third party laboratories confirms the jewels’ quality. How the ring should look is up to you.