Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut engagement rings are old and new. Variants of the diamond cut have been around for centuries. Modern versions of the stone are designed for extra brightness. The rings themselves may emulate vintage looks or modern trends.

Cushion cuts are an older relative to the round brilliant. They came about as a way to brighten jewels while preserving weight. Today’s ring lovers enjoy their range of shapes between a square, rectangle or oval. Those who prefer classic or vintage looks appreciate the cushion’s enduring popularity.

One perennially loved style is a solitaire with four to six prongs. Other sought-after cushion cut engagement rings include cathedrals, which place the jewel on a pedestal. Asymmetric bands add a playful look, and bezel settings add a decorative border.

Cushion cut engagement rings often use prong settings to keep more attention on the jewel. Cathedral mounts raise the gemstone, putting it closer to the wearer’s eye. Bezel settings leave a decorative border around the stone. Half bezels leave gaps in the mount to bring more light into the jewel.