Why Do You Want Your Pearls Restrung?

Pearls require restringing every few years, and that is irrespective of when you bought it or where you bought it from, or how often you wear it. So, more appropriately, the question in that case should be, when do you know it’s time to get your pearls strung again by a professional. The answer to this is to look for signs. To begin understand the importance of restringing pearls, you have to first agree that pearls require special care which gems can do without. So, here is why you should get the string changed.

Why Do You Want Your Pearls Restrung?

Gapping between Pearls
What seems to be the problem here is that the silk string keeps stretching with time . This is funny because silk is chosen in the first place because of its strength. However, if the pearls start to gap unevenly, it means that the thread inside has stretched a bit. Read this as a warning sign that it may give away any time. Moreover, the gapping looks unsightly particularly with pearls when perfection is their upside.

Dirty Knots
Pearls are strung with silk which explains why they catch dirt so easily. If you wear yours often, then these knots are likely to show up sooner. The sweat and silk from your body will weaken the silk over time causing it to snap one day. Before that happens, get it changed. If the knots on the contrary are clean, then you still have some time before you get it changed.

Low-Slung Length
When the silk string lengthens with the weight of the pearls, you want to get it changed. You may not notice the difference in the length when its slight, but once it attains a point that is difficult to ignore, you know you need to take it off and send it to a jeweler for reweaving.

Discolored Pearls
Pearls catch dirt sooner than you know. They absorb all the dust, moisture and grime from the surrounding areas and that causes the color to change slightly until it discolors permanently. Pearls need cleaning from time to time. So, when it’s showing signs of discoloring, it’s time to send it to a jeweler for a wash and restringing.

Damaged Pearls
Lastly, you may want to get a change of string for your pearl necklace or wristlet if a bead or two starts to chip away. Get them replaced while you are restringing them so you don’t have to do them again sooner.

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