Find Out Your Jewelry Personality with a Few Questions

You may already know your personality, but your fashion personality may still be eluding your grasp. When it comes to jewelry, every wearer has a distinct jewelry personality that may or may not be identical with the other facets of their character. It is a culmination of one’s lifestyle, opinions and sense of aesthetics. So, its important to figure it out before you start building your collection. There are a couple of questions that can help in finding it out. Let’s take a look at what key questions can get the right answer out of you.

Find Out Your Jewelry Personality with a Few Questions

Is Your Style Simple and Spare?
If the answer is yes, then you have a straightforward style. Look for designs that are to the point and free of unnecessary flourishes. Something with clean lines and curves may be the right pick for you. In general, look for clean designs that are bereft of too much exaggeration in them.

Are You More Into Artistic and Detailed Jewelry?
If you like arty jewelry and are overtly into details, then without an argument, filigree is what you should be looking at. For starters, filigree is intricate. It is every bit delicate, so that’s complimentary to your artists taste already. The lace-like designs of filigree works are a treat for your personality.

What Kind of Jewelry Would You Buy If You Had All the Money in the World?
Is it clunky and gaudy ones, or more of delicate and petite ones? This is a no-brainer. The answer is a direct solution to what you should be looking at.

Do You Think Flashy is Good?
If your taste is flashy, old world pieces is a good recommendation for you. The styles back then were not minimal, which qualifies as flashy for starters. Vintage jewelry across cultures are loud and bold. They have almost no subtlety and that’s in an interesting way.

Do You Like Colors?
If the answer is affirmative, look in the gem section. Gemmed jewelry are a delight to the eyes. If enamel is more your style, then pick them.

Straight Lines or Curves?
If you like straight lines better in your jewelry, your section is the contemporary one that uses a lot of geometric shapes and forms. Should you take interest in curves, then the scope of exploration is much wider. Look into anything and you may find just the piece you want.

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