Your guide to buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

The tradition of exchanging rings in a wedding ceremony is a blessed custom. For such a vital part of your wedding, it is important that it is don the right way. Choosing the right wedding ring makes the moment all the more special. Diamond rings are very popular for weddings as their supreme hardness symbolizes an enduring love. Here is a guide on how you can select the best diamond wedding rings for your special day


Plan your budget

First and foremost, you need to plot your budget. Calculate every expense of your wedding, including how much you’d prefer to spend on the ring. When you have planned everything, it is easier to shop. Wholesale diamond rings will give you a wider choice within your budget.

Choose the type of ring

You should decide whether the ring you choose should contain gold or platinum or other metals. If you prefer gold, you have to be clear about what kind of gold you would like. It could be yellow, white, or rose gold with diamonds.

Decide the shape of the diamond

Next thing you need to decide is the shape of the diamond. In many wholesale diamond stores, there are different diamond shapes and cuts. Choose the shape of the ring, the size of the diamond and the styles of mount. Among the most popular cuts for engagement rings are round brilliant cut diamonds and princess cut diamonds.

Consider the Four C’s

The carat, the cut, the color and the clarity or four Cs of a diamond need to be considered. A diamond’s carat, or weight, is a major influence on the jewel’s price. Cut determines the proportions and placement of facets on the diamond, creating its brilliance. Clarity measures internal and external characteristics of the stone that also affect its ability to shine. The color of the diamond measures impurities which may tint a diamond yellow or brown. Bright, eye clean diamonds are highly sought out.

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