Why You Need a Solicitous Designer to Work on Your Engagement Ring

The idea of custom making engagement rings has caught up with common customers who are now investing more time and interest into finding that perfect ring. With customization opening up the way, now it’s possible for an average buyer to get a ring made in just the design they want. But such projects are destined to doom in lack of an accommodating designer. Just like a good design is imperative to the crafting of a head-turner ring, so is a craftsman who is eager to fulfil the clients’ requirements.
So here are some reasons why you want to take your ring customizing project to a friendly and attentive designer only.

They Don’t Make Assumptions
The best jewelers in town are the ones who are fully accommodating. They are nothing if not a patient listener. A good designer never makes assumptions about a project and goes forward with it. They always stop to listen, take down notes, bring up points that are not clear to them, make suggestions where necessary and give in their best to fulfil all the requirements mentioned. The last thing you want for your project is a designer who makes guesswork.

Their Catalogues Have inclusive Designs
A good design is not one that expresses your gender, but one that does not distinguish them. Celebrity designers who people pay top dollars to fashion their rings don’t subscribe to what’s called gendered jewelry. Their designs are such that their rings work for both men and women. What they aim for instead is to craft rings that they find some meaning in.

They Do Not Size up the Customer’s Wallet
Walk in with a budget in mind, and do not let the salesperson convince you to overstep it. That’s a sales strategy most resort to, so that can make a better sale. But not the best jewelers, they don’t. They don’t pre-calculate your affordability the moment you walk into the store or push you into getting something that is off limits for you so that they can accomplish a bigger sale. Instead, they try to fit in all your requirement inside a price bracket that does not overrun your budget.

They Don’t Upsell Their Products
Also, beware of upselling. If you are in the store for an engagement ring, don’t let them persuade you into buying the wedding rings at the same time with a sweet deal.

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