Women’s Bands: The Three Crown Jewels from the General Market Collection

Buying jewelry for women is not a cake walk and those who have experienced it might know already. For men shopping is like a 20 minutes affair in which they pick anything that catches their eye within the first five minutes and spend the rest of the 15 minutes standing at the billing counter. For women, it takes a lot of looking, and scrutinizing, and trying and then comes the part of second thoughts. As it turns out, women end up making better purchases with the time and attention invested to details. So, when you are sauntering the jewelry store looking for a band that she might admire and adore, you have to have time in hand.
Making the job real easy for you, published here are the descriptions of three top choices that are a sure success with most women. Take a look.

The Diamond Contour Ring
Women are often into curves and that fascination often translates in their choice of jewelry. If you have noticed that about your woman then this classy contour band is all you need to paint a big dazzling smile on her face. A line of diamonds shimmer the width of the entire band. The sides are serrated to create a crystal glass design which adds a good bulk of detail to such a thin band. The center of the band tapers to create a bridge between the two edges which is the USP of the ring.

The Classic Yellow Gold and Diamonds Band
This is a safe choice for most who do not want to take the leap of going for something specific. Every woman loves the yellow gold bands, more so when it is encrusted with a series of round cut diamonds. These rings are like a pair of hoops that all woman like to own. It goes with most attires, party and casual because of its delicate looks.

The Diamond-Heavy Band
And if you are to find something expensive, then consider this brilliant piece. The diamonds set on the 7 millimeter wide band just shimmer and sparkle from the contour of the 14 karat white gold. The ring in its line of prong settings together hold about 2 carats of diamonds. This piece might leave your wallet light, but you could surely win a heart with it. After all, there are some things money can’t buy, and that is your taste.

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