Winter Jewelry Trends 2017-2018

Winter has snuck in on us and even before we know it, it’s time to take out the expensive fur coats and parkas. Lucky for us, the winter brings in some good things with it, and inspiring fashion trends is one of them. So, aside the Christmas celebration and welcoming of New Year, we have a couple of other things to be thankful to the snowy winter for. In jewelry, the winter trends are always shaping in this year. Paris and other fashion headquarters around the world have already got busy in preparation to showcase the jewelry winter trends 2017. This year, the trend seems to be making a headway towards upcycling everything things into swoon-worthy treasures.

Luxe Jewelry towards Casual Styling
This winter, you don’t have to hold your breath till you get invited to a red carpet event to take out your luxe jewelry collection. This year, jewelers have taken a more practical approach toward designed fine jewelry. When casual is the theme of the design even in fine jewelry, you don’t have to wait forever to be able to wear them. These ornaments are as fabulous as they used to be, only better if possible, but with a little spin. This time, they are more fitting to be worn on those rare prestige evenings as well to a less special occasion. Regardless of the kind of event, they will make you stand out.

Logo Jewelry
The obsession for logo jewelry takes a flight this winter. The jewelry walks and exhibits in Paris, New York and other places indicate that sparkling logo jewelry is going to rule this year. So, if you have waited for long for the right time in fashion to get a golden monogram, this is it. Logomania is at this point gripping the fashion exhibitions and catwalks and this is the time to pick something really golden.

Chandelier Earrings
After the long era of drop earrings, it seems that the hearts are finally shifting towards the more glamorous counterpart, the chandelier earrings. Bright and flashy, these earrings are going to be a common sighting in parties this year. So, all you party girls out there, start saving up so you can grab a pair of your own before winter bows out. In chandelier earrings, diamonds and white crystals are going to hold dominance over all other gems. So, now is the best time to let your diamond fetish unleash in full scale.

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