Why round brilliant cut diamonds are so popular

Nothing compares to round brilliant cut diamonds. Round brilliants can be used to make nearly any type of jewelry setting, which might be why their popularity keeps soaring.

While round cut diamonds are often used as the only stone in a piece of jewelry, designers have perfected the art of surrounding it with other jewels in order to prevent the round brilliant from looking out of place. In other cases round cut diamonds are used with other, equally popular cuts such as pear or oval shapes to use the brilliance of their combination to create something special and unique.

Another reason round brilliants are special is its shape, which creates sparkle and brilliance with minimal dark spots. What’s more, its classic shape means you can have nothing but round cuts on your jewelry and still be stylish.

People choose round brilliant cut diamonds for most pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, earrings and even engagement rings. These diamonds emit a unique fire that speaks volumes about the skill of the gem cutter who retrieved it from raw stone. These diamonds have the capacity to let in and reflect plenty of natural light to please the eye

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