Are Wholesale Diamonds a Cost-Saving Option for Budget Buyers?

There is a wide gaping rift in the price figure between a diamond sold by a retailer and one that is distributed by a wholesaler. That essentially answers the question in the title, if wholesale diamonds save buyers money with a nod of affirmation. Yes, one can save a lot of bucks simply by their choice of seller.
But shopping for diamonds is hardly as simple as buyers are made to believe. Of course you can walk into a store, pick a diamond, pay for it and bring back home a dazzling bright stone. There is always that shortcut. However, there are some alternative ways of shopping for diamonds, the nuances of which are mostly unknown to most buyers, that can save you a sizeable portion of the investment and you still get the same quality of stone.

Are Wholesale Diamonds a Cost-Saving Option for Budget Buyers?

How Wholesalers Price Their Diamonds Minimally
By now, you probably know that anything bought from a wholesaler comes for a much cheaper price than a retailer. So, how do wholesalers, in this case wholesale diamond merchants offer diamonds at bargain prices?
Unless of course you have picked a particularly shady seller in mind, most diamond wholesaler are fair traders. Their secret of conservative pricing is self-sourcing and small overheads. Wholesalers, unlike retailers, do not have flashy showrooms or expensive advertisements to bear. They import their own stones directly from sellers and that helps them dodge an irksome amount of investment along the way to brokers and middlemen.
With the brokerages saved and overheads reduced significantly, their investments are mostly bare-bone, which for retailers conflate with a laundry list of other expenses. So, when the investment is small, even with a tight pricing, they are able to scoop up a good profit margin. So, that’s precisely how wholesalers are able to offer up diamonds for markedly smaller prices.

What Are My Options as a Single Buyer?
So, as a single buyer, you have twin options. First you can directly procure your diamonds from a wholesaler and not bust the longest surviving myth in the consumer market, you do not have to be a bulk purchaser to buy from a wholesaler. This will take a fair amount of research and is often perceived as a risky alternative to buying from a retailer.

Conversely, you can buy your diamonds from an online seller that gets its stock of gems from a wholesaler. Their prices are the closest you will ever find to a wholesaler.

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