White Metals Lead the Way for Men’s Wedding Bands


Thanks to an ever-evolving fashion sensibility, the world of men’s jewelry has experienced feverish expansion both in design and materials used. Nevertheless, wedding bands remain one of the most popular choices for men around the world. In recent years, white metals – metals with a translucent pallor and not that of gold, copper, or other colored materials – have gained increased popularity in modern men’s jewelry.
The cool and understated allure of white metals have captured fascinations of jewelry designers as well as today’s fashion-conscious wearers. You may have a personal preference when it comes to white metals. However, you will be happily surprised to unearth a new favorite among the array of white metals used in men’s wedding jewelry today.

White Metals – Exceptional, Diverse, and Versatile
Sterling silver, platinum, white gold, palladium, and titanium are undoubtedly the leaders in the league of white metals. Tungsten and stainless steel also belong to this group of white metals. Sadly, when measured on the scale of demand and fame, these metals pale in comparison to their more popular counterparts. Each of these white metals has its own distinct advantages, unique looks, and applications. With regard to textures and appearance, each of these metals is extremely versatile.
Sterling silver, platinum, and white gold are the undeniable front runners in the white-metals jewelry for men. Streamlined and sleek wedding bands and engagement rings for men are designed to perfection with these attractive metals.
Palladium and titanium are a comparatively recent discovery in the world of jewelry. Palladium blends the advantages of platinum – purity, strength, and brilliant white color – at an affordable price. Jewelers are creating exquisite white-metal jewelry with palladium that are as solid as platinum sans the expensive price tag.
Titanium jewelry is lightweight, highly resistant to corrosion, less prone to react with any body fluids like sweat, blood, and others, not magnetic, and can be easily anodized with colored oxides on the surface. Alloyed and pure qualities of titanium make stylish jewelry for men.

The bold textures in a ring can differ from high polish, satin, brushed, matte, antiqued finish, oxidized, sandblasted in sterling silver to bright luster and soft matte of platinum that can be complemented by sparkling diamonds and gems.
Whether it’s contemporary and striking design, comfortable fit, or attractive price range- whatever you are looking for, white metals make for suave men’s wedding bands with superior quality. Take your pick from a varied assortment.

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