Which Diamond Shape Fits Your Personality

Choosing the right diamond is always a confusing task, especially if you have no clue about the points to ponder. Apart from the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat), one other factor has a considerable impact on how the diamond looks – its shape.

Remember, shape and cut are not one and the same. Shape is the form of the diamond after it is cut, e.g., round, oval, or square. Cut is the symmetry, proportion, and polish of the diamond’s facets, i.e., the best way to make its latent fire come alive.

You need to find the diamond shape that reflects your personality.

For the classic woman: With 58 facets, the Round diamond is the brilliant choice that is versatile enough to complement any setting, be it modern or traditional. The classic charm of the shape makes it one of the most popular choices.


For the glamorous lady: Reflecting the art deco period, the Emerald shape with its rectangular facets and long lines has been a favorite with fashionistas such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Beyonce, Amal Clooney, and continues to do so.



For the elegant female: For a conventional choice with a contemporary twist, the ideal choice is the Princess cut diamond. With delicate facets and sharp corners, this shape is perfect for a touch of refinement to the diamond engagement rings.


For the antique aficionado: Giving off the Hall of Mirrors effect, the Asscher is the perfect shape when you are inspired by vintage style art deco appeal. With a square chunky profile and clipped corners, it is a remarkable cut that brings out the diamond’s luminescence.


For the passionate dreamer: Bring the love to the forefront with the soft luscious Cushion shaped diamond, square or rectangular with rounded corners. Or, if you are a hopeless romantic, opt for the obvious – the Heart shaped stone for your engagement ring.


For the novelty-lover: Wish for the brilliance of the round with a touch of the unusual? Oval is the correct choice for your ring. Symmetrical and elongated, this form adds to the amazing luster of the diamond and makes it stand out.


For the dramatic diva: Legend says that King Louis XIV ordered the custom-made Marquise cut diamond to reflect the smile of his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour, in the 18th century. And it is perhaps the best choice if you love a hint of luxury for your diamond ring.



For the extraordinary lady: The dazzling beauty of the Radiant cut makes it stand apart from the other diamond shapes. With as many as 70 facets on the underside, it is one of the most striking shapes perfect to add drama to your fingers.


For the unique female: Resembling the sparkling teardrop, the Pear shaped diamond has been in vogue in earrings and pendants. Nowadays, however, it has become quite a popular choice for engagement rings because of the uniqueness of the shape.


Whether it’s a classic or a novelty, you need to find a diamond that speaks to you.

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