What to Do with Your Jewelry When You Are Not Wearing Them

The most obvious answer to that is to secure them behind closed vault doors. But how about those jewelry items that you take off only for the beauty sleep at night? That’s easy. You leave it on the dresser or the nightstand. That may sound perfectly normal for most but it’s not the best place to put it. So, what do you do with your jewelry when you don’t have them on you? Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to preserve them when you take them off for the night or weekend.

The best place to put your jewelry in when you are not wearing them are in boxes. Most jewelry come in boxes. If yours didn’t or you misplaced the boxes somehow, you can replace the boxes with new ones sold at very cheap prices at stores and online. So, why do you want to put them in boxes when you can leave them in the open? You don’t know when your pet or kid comes in knocking the thing off its base and sending it rolling into some corner. If you don’t have kids or pets in the house, it still stands a very high risk of getting lost, when left on a table top for too long. The best way to preserve them is to keep them locked inside a small box.

Never Cram Your Jewelry
If a necklace won’t fit into a box, don’t ball it up to cram it into a small space. The ideal way to store jewelry is to lay it out in a flat box. If that’s not available, put it inside a pouch and keep it inside a drawer where you don’t go fishing the content often. Necklaces if crammed can lose their shape and even break from the pressure. Remember that gold or platinum are not very hard metals and are often subject to pressure. So, never cram your necklaces and even bracelets. These are the ornaments that get damaged first.

A Velvet Lined Box for Gems
There are jewelry boxes that come with velvet lining while others are bare. Pick only the boxes that have a gentle contact lining around. That prevents gemstones that are easy to pick up scratches from brushing against the hard surface of the box.

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