When It’s Time to Get Your Wedding Ring Exchanged

Wedding rings are for life. Some sellers have a deep respect for this fact and that shows in the sturdy make of the items in the wedding range. Others do not pay much attention to this reality, and therefore the rings they roll out in the wedding range are not structurally any sturdier than the others. However, no matter what kind of seller you got your wedding ring from, there comes a time when you have to get it exchanged. Repairing can only do so much, but beyond that point, there is very little choice than to get the item exchanged for a new one.
So, when is the time to get your ring exchanged? There is no mark like 10 or 20 years that work for all rings. Each ring is built in a different way, not to mention the metals, settings, designs and other little things that impact the structural integrity of a ring. But, for all cases, it is best exchanged before the ring falls apart. So, here are some signs to look out for that tell you it’s time to get your wedding ring exchanged for a new one.

When It’s Time to Get Your Wedding Ring Exchanged

Broken Off Prongs
Broken off prongs is the most alarming signs of all. Breaking of prongs is only a forewarning that a loss of gem is only the way. If you find one morning that your ring has lost a prong or two, don’t bother thinking what you did to cause that. Prongs being thin and fragile have a way of breaking off from rings after prolonged use. If it happens any time within 5 years of your engagement, then it’s time to go back to your dealer and ask some questions. If it waits longer than that to come off, then it’s definitely a sign that your ring is wearing off. Head to the store before you see some more damages.

Loose or Lost Gems
If you find an accent stone or two missing from your ring one fine day, then it’s your ring telling you that its settings have started to take the hit. Settings, no matter how strong at the time of making, eventually give away, and the first loss that comes with that is missing stones. Accent stones are the first to fall off from weak settings.

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