What’s Setting the Trend in the Jewelry World

We are almost on the third quarter of this year and everything that has been happening until now across industries are cleaving into a trend. In fashion, things however keep changing a touch more rapidly than in others. So, far, three fashion seasons have been on the roll, starting with the early winter fashion followed by the spring fashion season. At this point, its almost Summer and fashion for this season is inquisitively different from the earlier periods. In jewelry in specific, this season is flourish. When jewelry is concerned, the focus has to be on diamonds. Listed here are some of the trend setting diamond jewelry that are hot this season.


Diamond Brooches
Brooches are one piece of ornament that can ever possibly fade. Available in many different varieties of shapes and built, these pieces have been around for a very long time. The new ones are marketed as neo brooches. They are made a lot more graphic and contemporary in style. Stick one such brooch in your collar and even the simplest of dress turns aristocratic with just that touch. They are available in crystal works as well as diamond studding. Plain gold and platinum brooches are also available in many different styles.


Diamond Tiaras
Tiaras are the biggest comeback this season. They may not be a wear for every occasion, but they sure are head turners even in galas where everyone is decked with their finest jewelry. The tiaras this summer are more of a head band than a crowning piece. Some tiaras studded with diamonds can be worn just like a hair band. It may not be of great help to keep your hair from falling on your face for they miss the combing teeth, but they do have the aesthetics to bring out the elegance of your persona on your face.


Sparkly Body Chains
Body chains are the current favorites of celebrities. They go with lacey gowns, crop tops, and even beach bikinis. Available in platinum with diamond works all along, these pieces have surfaced as the biggest thing in the market. You can wrap one around your waist to get the eyes follow to the curve, or simply strap it around your wrist for a skinny new kind of wristlet. Body chains are mostly of flimsy built with delicate stone works in between that add to the shine.


Delicate Rings
You may or may not choose to have one or all of the above ornaments in your vault, but a delicate diamond ring is a must-have. These rings are crafted with a minimalistic design that keep the pieces light, yet very elegant. Solitaire pieces, halo designs, three center stone rings, etc. are more popular than the others.

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