Halo Engagement Rings with Colored Center Stones


Halo engagement rings are one of the most sought-after diamond jewelry at this point. At first, the jewelers were staying loyal to diamonds to feed the mass’s fixation on the stone. However, the scenario has changed slightly after a few years now. Though diamond has not been completely eliminated from the picture, nor have people suddenly taken to reprehend the stone, jewelers have found a way to use diamonds to the advantage of the design. Along came diamond halo rings that make sufficient use of diamonds throughout, sparing the center. The center space is kept reserved for a stone of contrasting color.

The Magic of Mixing
This style has been of profound interest to many buyers who have suddenly shifted from all-diamond to halo-only designs. Blue sapphire has been chosen as idyllic for this arrangement. The fusion of white around blue is just magical. A round halo ring that carries a 1 carat blue sapphire at the center and a diamond halo outside can fixate the buyers at the first glance, even if the rest of the ring carries no work of detailing. Ruby and diamond, emerald and diamond and even yellow sapphire and diamond go very well together in a halo style.

Design Possibilities
The design possibilities are immense with a diamond-only halo ring, as it is with all-diamond halo rings. Usually stones studded ornaments are curved out of materials of purity 18k and below. This is because gold of 24 and 22 carats are far too malleable for stone settings. The rule remains the same for other gemstones too. So, even if a halo ring uses a gemstone different than diamond, hand and machine detailing can still be carried out on the band and outside the halo. In fact, some of these halo rings in the stores showcase some very brilliant filigree work.

The Most Accepted Combinations
Speaking of the mix and match, there are some that became instant favorites of the buyers. As for others, it took some time for the mass to admire the unconventional beauty in them. Some combinations which came to be the biggest hits in the market are emerald, blue sapphire and agate with diamond. Other less popular, but still loved combinations are with tourmaline, rose quartz, smithsonite, aquamarine, amethyst, peridot, spinel and opal.
Since the latter stones are of lighter shade, they do not make a strong contrast with colorless diamonds. As an alternative to jazz up the color play, jewelers resort to using diamonds of different colors in the halo. That is a very new and fresh concept in these designs. If you have a taste for anything out of the ordinary, then try out a few of these before arriving at a decision.’

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