Here Is What’s Ruling the Bracelets Range This Year

Bracelets have rapidly replaced bangles in the last couple of years, and the change is most prominent this year. Bracelets are the wrist candies that are stealing the show in 2017 and are likely to keep the market under its feet for the next couple of years. While the trends keep changing every year, 2017 unfolds a galore of novel pieces that are artily poised between classic and modern. There are some designs and motifs that are likely to have an upper hand in the fashion world this year. Here are some that are safe to add to your collection at this point to stay fashionable through the next few years.

Oval Link Yellow Gold BraceletKnot Bracelets: The knot bracelet may seem like the simplest piece of wrist wear you may have seen so far, but is originally an intricate piece of craft. Made with single and multiple bands of metal, the bracelets wear knots at the center and all over. The knot bracelets are open-ended, meaning they can be adjusted to different wrist sizes without the hassles of refashioning. The knots in the bracelets roughly resemble a heart when viewed from the front for single band pieces. For broader pieces, they serve to entangle the wires together in a delicate weave.

Burnished Bracelets: Quite similar to love bracelets, these ones feature a number of screw-like impressions all over with fastener on the side that unlocks the bangles from their hinges. The bracelets can be opened by uncorking the screws, a mechanism that makes wearing them a smidge easier than squeezing them through. However, an extra pair of hands comes handy in securing the ends. Burnished bracelets are timeless, a tribute to the passion of romance. They are often studded with diamonds and other similar gems. They are usually made of pink gold, the soft tone of which blends perfectly with colorless diamonds.

Gem and Gold Bracelets: The combination of gems with golds is timeless, and these bracelets are a tribute to that match. Jewelers of this age do not mind trying new stones to recreate this classic magic. Gold with corals and peridots are two examples of such combinations. Packed with vibrant gemstones, these pieces are quite an eyeful. Just one piece suffices for the arms. Match them up with a pair of danglers and you are all jewel-ready for a gala evening.

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