What your Jewelry Says About You

You may have heard about how your fashion speaks for itself, but did you know that it speaks for you too. Particularly, your jewelry lets out a lot about you as a person than you realize. You may just look at it as a way of pepping up your attire or plain accessorizing it for the sake of fashion, but if you do not have the idea behind it in place, it may just misrepresent you before others. Here are some things that your taste in jewelry slip about you to friends and strangers alike.


Bright and Bling
Those of you who are in love with gold and its shine, well, for one, you have a pretty bold personality. If your taste mostly concentrates on the heavy and gaudy collection, then you have a strong will. You don’t really mind being the eye candy of a party. That is to say that you have a lot of confidence in yourself and you are never hesitant to get out there. You love people and more than that, you love to enjoy the world out there. The fear of people’s judgement do not block your way of doing that,


Piercing Studs
People have a rather one-dimensional opinion about body piercings. It is largely seen as a trademark of gothic culture and thusly, a thing of bad boys and girls. Well, there is more than that to your choice of body piercings. Small studs for piercings in eyebrows, chins and tongues area tell-tell sign of a rebellious character. But, ear cuff are the mark of a highly fashionable woman who can even carry off a sack in style, if it needs. In other words, your style is different from most, it is bold and fearless.


Pearl Jewels
If you are a pearl person, for one, you are high maintenance. That is a no-brainer. Pearls means you are a person of traditional values and that you like everything that is classical and traditional. Pearl is elegant and a woman with a taste for pearls should be synonymous.


Layered Necklaces
If you don’t seem to get enough of layering your necklaces, then in all probability, you like to draw attention to your best body features. Layering necklaces is a great way to highlight your neck, bust and even tummy. It’s also a great way to give your body a rather slimmer appearance.

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