What Women look for in an Engagement Ring


Women’s style do not center around the same fashion trend. They change with the evolving trend and with the season. Hence, when it comes to buying an engagement ring, it may sound difficult to buy the one that best represents her personality. But a careful survey of her lifestyle will reveal a lot and much beyond. So if you do not wish to take her along when buying a ring for her, (which is by all means the best way to get what she likes) you will have to delve deep into every aspect of her lifestyle and put some thought into it. After all an engagement ring is something which she will be wearing all her life. It is something which will become a symbol of your lifelong relationship. It is thereby crucial to get what she will love and love forever.

Let us take a look at what women look for in an engagement ring:

  • Something that is in tune with her lifestyle: Engagement rings for women are available in a whole range of impressive designs. But women usually look for something that will best fit their lifestyle and not pose as a hindrance to their daily activities or to their hobbies. So what you need to understand is her lifestyle and hobbies because an engagement ring should first spell comfort. If your girlfriend is into hiking, gardening, rock-climbing, yoga or any such physical activities on a daily basis, semi-bezels, low baskets or bezel engagement rings are ideal options.
  • The metal she mostly wears: When it comes to choosing the metal for the engagement ring, you need to pay attention to the type of jewelry she wears. You will get some idea from her choice of jewelry in her wardrobe. If you see her wearing mostly yellow gold, go for that. White metals are immensely popular these days. They may be in the form of white gold or platinum. If your fiancé has a bunch of jewelry in white gold, then this is also a good option.
  • Something that best represents her: Again, you need to pay close attention to the type of jewelry she loves to wear. Are they contemporary looking? Are they jewelry with intricate designs and bold styling? Does she love vintage looking jewelry? Or is she more in favor of classic and timeless pieces that never go out of fashion? You will find the best suggestion from the type of jewelry she wears every time. It should be something that not only reflects her personality but also makes a style statement that is uniquely hers.
  • A cut and setting that will look good in her hand: Is her finger short? An elongated diamond of cuts like oval or marquise will make it appear slender and sleek. If she has long fingers, a ring with any bold style will complement it. A survey conducted says that round diamonds are the most preferred shapes, followed by princess cut and cushion cut. Trust your instinct and get something that will best suit her in every aspect.

Battling with thousands of beautiful engagement rings, to get the perfect one for her is the story of the masses. Now that it is your turn, all you need to concentrate on is her life’s story, including her likes and dislikes in jewelry because this is what will best reveal what she is looking for in her engagement ring.



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