What Makes a Jewelry Brand a Cut above the Rest?

At first glance, every online jewelry retailer seems to have an impressive profile. A swanky-looking website, a seemingly endless collection of jaw-dropping designs and styles, what could be unimposing about that? But a closer look may reveal something entirely different. Strip the glamour element off, get past the glare of advertisement, and what you see may be quite underwhelming. Some may even come across as quite unassuming and ordinary without the razzmatazz of marketing. To guide you to the right seller, we have dissected the top few brands to pick out the bare elements that actually make them distinguished. Let’s take a look.

Ideal Diamond Cuts
In the websites of brands like Valentin Magro NY, Harry Winston, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co, Chopard and the likes, one thing stands out- their enormous selection of ideal cut diamonds. These brands and many others that cater to the ordinary buyers are relentless in their effort to maintain an overflowing selection of ideal and super ideal cut diamonds. Reason? Buyers understand the aesthetic superiority of these stones and prefer them over others.

Ample Data
The second thing that stands a diamond jeweler apart from most others is the data it offers to its buyers. The market leading brands do not skimp on data, having ample proof at their disposal about the authenticity and quality of their products. In fact, these companies go the extra mile to produce reports detailing everything from light performance to visual inspection and more for the satisfaction of the clients. Nobody builds trust better than a seller who is willing to offer information.

Assorted Price Points
A good diamond merchant has a miscellaneous product catalogue that not only vary in style and design, but also in price. In order to appeal to a larger crowd, these companies inventory products suited to different kinds of budgets. They divide their catalogue roughly into three segments, the signature products, the median range and the low-end selection. Buyers of different budgets are likely to find plenty of choices in these three sections.

Premium Selection
Lastly, these brands all have a premium section which is dedicated to products of designer origin. The best and the brightest of the diamonds can be found in the premium range, not to mention designs that are the rarest. The most exquisite and choicest products are reserved for the premium selection range of the catalogue.

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