What Happens When You Wear Your Diamond Ring in the Shower?

In a very dramatic way of putting it, mayhem ensues when you wear your diamond ring in the shower. Seriously though, it’s not the most sensible thing to do. If you haven’t done it yet, best avoid it. I’ll tell you why. A diamond ring is a lifetime asset that you want to protect and preserve. Although diamond is a very hard substance, it is still vulnerable to the agents of corrosion. A light brush against a grainy surface or a knock at the corner of the table can cause more damage to your diamond ring than you know. And if it’s your engagement ring, you want to be all the more cautious.
So getting back to the thematic question, this is what happens when you step into the shower wearing a diamond ring, day after day.

What Happens When You Wear Your Diamond Ring in the Shower?

Surface Tears
The exfoliating soap that you use might do wonders for you by sloughing dead cell layers off your skin, but it is bad news for your diamonds. The tiny granules present in the soap that so effective expunges the dead cellular deposition from your skin causes problems for the diamonds in the form of microscopic tears. These damages you may not be able to notice with naked eyes, but they show clearly as daylight under proper magnification. So, even if you manage to spot some scratches and tears on the surface of your diamond within months of use, you cannot legally claim a replacement or return from the seller because that kind of damage is not eligible for a warranty protection.

The clarity of a diamond does not diminish with age. It is one of the many admirable qualities of a diamond. If you can preserve it right and not expose it to harmful conditions, it will hold its luster and beauty for generations. Exposing it to chemicals like soaps, perfumes, chlorine and ammonia can cause the diamond to get murky and lose its fire and brilliance to that point that its transparency gets acutely affected.

Gunk on the Underside
The soap forth and skin dirt finds an easy way to settle into the underside of the ring. The crevices are a good spot for the scum to deposit on without being seen.
So, if your diamond starts to look cloudy or dull over the years, it only means that you are doing some things wrong with it, and taking it to the shower could be one of them.

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