Wedding and Engagement Rings: The Types That Make the Choices

Historically, an engagement ring is the artefact a man presents to his ladylove to announce the intention of marriage. However, that has an inside significance. Prior to modern times, engagement rings used to be the mark of commitment that a man needed to afford to claim a lady from her family. She wore it until it is replaced with the wedding ring. In this century, women like to wear their wedding rings with their engagement rings and they happen to accessorize all their attires from that day on. That explains the universal designs of weddings and engagement rings.

Though wedding rings and engagement rings make two different sections, their varieties are overlapping, if not the designs.

Classic Solitaire
As known to all, a diamond solitaire ring is emblematic of romantic engagement. Every time a celebrity is caught on camera sporting a solitaire on her fourth finger for the first time, the rumor mill starts spinning the news of her engagement or secret betrothal to her then romantic partner. So, your choice of engagement or wedding ring starts with a classic, heavy karat diamond solitaire ring. Timeless, these archetypical rings top the chart on their own rights. They use one solid single stone with a plain gold or platinum band. Often the bands are lined with smaller cluster stones.

Halo Rings
These rings are a lot more ornate than solitaires, and by all means exactly the opposite of minimalistic. Though these rings too use a large central stone, their designs are made intricate by smaller stones that border the edge of the bigger ones. Usually the accent stones follow the slope of the band to the middle of the ring. Halo rings are evidently heavier, and a lot more gorgeous than other minimalistic items.

Side Stone Rings
Some women love side stones, but they are not a fan of the concept of halo. For them, the jewelers have the side stone rings where a weighty center stone sits on a prong setting. The band is then accented with smaller stones that usually grow miniscule towards the bottom. There are some rings that use three center stones instead of one. That makes the design a lot heavier than the former. However, the stones used in said cases are usually princess cut and not round brilliant cuts.

Promise Rings
Promise rings are heavy on designs than on the use of stones. The rings somehow manage to look a lot sleek because of their modern essence. A lot of loops, curves and twists characterize the designs. The heart shape is an often-used concept in the crafting, intelligently infused in the band somewhere to impart a very romantic message. Use of diamonds in these rings range from sparing to moderate.

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