Wedding and Engagement Rings: Different or Alike?

Rings hold a very special place in the hearts of their owners. They always have a value greater than their material worth because of the sentiments attached. Of all the pieces that make it to the ornament box or the vault, engagement and wedding rings are usually the most prized. What establishes that is the fact that the owners hardly ever part from them outside situations of absolute necessity. They symbolize the love and bonding between two souls who decide to come together under the institution of matrimony.
When talked about engagement and wedding rings together, a common instance is one is taken for another, or people fail to differentiate one from the other.

Difference between Wedding and Engagement Rings
In essence, an engagement ring is a promise ring that speaks of two people’s desire to be together for life. It is presented to a woman at the time of the proposal and is meant to wear it until the wedding day. Conversely, a wedding ring is exchanged between the wedded couple as a sign of love, commitment and a lifelong bonding. You may or may not want to sport your engagement ring forever, but you are to wear your wedding ring for as long as you are married.

Designs and Models
There are often questions about the designs of the two rings. How different or similar are they? Can one be worn for another, if liked? The answer is yes, you can buy a wedding ring from the aisle of engagement rings if you so like it. That dilemma can be sorted at will. Since both the rings are meant for the purpose of matrimony, they are crafted on the same theme of love and togetherness. But, strictly speaking, they are designed with certain nuances keeping the differences alive. The proposal rings are usually a lot more romantic in its feel and look. As for a wedding ring, they are mostly bands that are emblematic of the holy union of the two, never to part, be it in health or sickness, wealth or poverty and the likes.

Diamonds and Non-Diamond Rings
Both proposal and wedding rings are available in plain designs that avoid the use of diamonds. It goes without saying that they look too plain and pedestrian as compared to the bedazzling diamond rings. However, there are some that use other colored gemstones as emerald, sapphire, ruby and aquamarine. Even colored diamonds are high on fashion these days. Though colors do add a touch of vibrancy to the white or golden base of the rings, they are usually less popular than the white diamond rings. A solitaire upholding a translucent diamond on top is always a far refined choice, be it engagement or matrimony.

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