Wedding Bands That Will Blow Her Mind

In a store, diamond solitaires and infinity bands are the most recommended styles of wedding bands. But, those aside, there is a proliferating count of choices in between that embrace the gorgeousness of diamond and symbolic weight of infinity rings. If you have the time and interest to explore the options, a surprising number of pieces will meet your eyes that look promising for the purpose. But since keeping your list of choices short is the smart rule of shopping, here is a selection of three that condenses the conflagrating store collections.

Grace Band

Pink and white are the safe choices in gemstones when you are buying a ring for her. This one interlaces white and pink diamonds in a spectacular play of mute colors. Neither of the stones get in the way of the other pronouncing itself on the band. The stones are fitted in usual prong setting that keeps them secure in place even after years of use. The sparkle of the colorless diamonds and the tender tone of the pink ones over a platinum lattice is a heart-winning spectacle.

Heritage Band with Foliage Motif

If she is into vintage, then this makes a top-off-the-chart pick. No other piece like it comes for the price of this one. This ring has a large diamond center stone with a lot of filigree works all over. However, the highlight of this piece is its wire design. Though some may argue posing it as a disadvantage because wires apparently catch dirt easier than solid bands, but not with this one, unless she works with grease and soil all day long. The design leaves wide open spaces between the curves and lines that make it a lot more breathable. Her finger is not likely to sweat or squeeze from wearing it for a very long time.

Black Diamond Band

Lastly, if you want something extremely rare for the woman of your dreams, then a black diamond band is what fits the taste. This one is a very simple band, beset with cluster black diamonds in a single row. Made of platinum, the contrast shine of black and white make the ring a true stunner. The design uses prong setting to hold the stones which refutes the possibility of losing stones from wearing it all day long.

Though the choices exceed far beyond the mentioned three, this list sort of narrows it down to the top few for the readers.

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