Wedding Bands for Men

Rings Less Examined

Talk of wedding rings often focuses on wedding bands for women. They can be as understated or extravagant as the wearer desires. The diamonds on these rings may be a few large stones, many smaller ones or something out of the ordinary. Men’s wedding bands are often designed to be simple, with few or no diamonds. Though they get less attention, they are still attractive.

Plain metal bands focus on subtlety. The rings can have rounded edges, angled, or feature defined corners. Their centers may be flat, grooved, domed, wide or slim. Finishes play up the designs, whether it be a bright polish, a satiny luster or a woodgrain look.

Multicolored rings, such as gold wedding bands of different hues, add more possibilities for decoration. This can include a ring with different colors inside and out, contrasting edgings, or stripes. The difference can even be as simple as a band of one color and a diamond mounting in another.

Diamond wedding bands for men often have many small jewels. Setting styles vary, from spaced intervals, pave mounts, channel sets and more. Solitaire diamond bands usually have their jewels mounted flush with the ring, rather than sitting above the band.

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