How to Wear a Wedding and Engagement Ring Together the Right Way

That is a question for the ages. For starters, no one has laid down the laws of right and wrong in wearing a wedding set. You can wear it as you find fashionable or meaningful. But, in case, you are in for some advice, this article can give you some ideas.
Most people like to wear their engagement and wedding rings together in the fourth finger of their left arm. That is quite the traditionalist approach and thus far, I hope I have your nod. Now, without sparking an argument on right and wrong, let’s talk about the different ways in which you can wear them.

How to Wear a Wedding and Engagement Ring Together the Right Way

Engagement Ring First
In most cases, people wear their engagement ring first and that’s how it should be considering that the proposal comes first. So, when you finally exchange the vows and rings before the minister on the wedding day, you can simply slide in the wedding band on top of the engagement ring. If both the rings are not too similar or different, this style works just fine. In this order, the engagement ring will be the closest to your heart.

Flip Around
However, if it makes more sense for you to keep the wedding band close, then take off the engagement ring for a moment to let the wedding band be placed first. When that’s done, now, slide back the engagement ring in and that way, your wedding band will come first. Some people like it better because they feel a lot more sentimental about their wedding bands than the artefact of their engagement. So flipping around is another way of doing it. Please note that neither of this is the wrong way of wearing it. As long as it feels to be the right way for you to wear it, nothing else matters. Besides, both the styles are accepted in terms of fashion.

Wear It around Your Neck
A third and less common way of wearing an engagement ring is to put it in your neck chain. If you have a chain that you wear all the time, then putting the ring in it like a pendant is a great way of keeping it close to your heart without weighing your finger down. This is apt for those who find it slightly uncomfortable to wear two rings together in the same finger.

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