How to Wear Your Cufflinks Like a Boss

Even though men’s fashion is growing exponentially, choices of accessorizing a suit or even a formal wear as we know it is pretty limited. Most of that is limited to choices like watches, rings and cufflinks. But does that mean there is nothing outside these options that one can sport to look fashionable? Yes, there is plenty, but these three surely top the list over all others. Speaking of cufflinks in particular, these tiny pieces can lighten up the total attire effortlessly, if worn in the right way. So, here are some tips that can help you match and wear your cufflinks just like a boss.


Lapis bar cufflinks in 18kt yellow gold

Wear Your Diamonds with Your Black Tux
Diamond cufflinks are the most expensive looking cufflinks there is. So, pairing them with the classiest suit you have in your wardrobe makes sense. A pair of diamond cufflinks goes best with black tuxedos, not just because of the color conflict, but because a tux is stitched to sit seamless along your contour. The touch of glimmer in the cuffs brings about a certain flash in the otherwise rigid feel of the entire outfit.


Blues and Greens with Gray Suits
Blue and green cufflinks are best recommended for gray suits. As it is, gray suits can use a touch of color, and what better way to add a little vibrancy than with a pair of dazzling cufflinks. Color cufflinks that are crafted with gold and gemstones have a chic and expensive feel that others lack. For green cufflinks, emeralds make the best suit whilst for blue, blue sapphires are used. Find something that has minimal use of gold for best effect.


Sterling Silver or Platinum Button Cufflinks with White Shirts
People are often of the opinion that anything other than black cufflinks go well with white shirts, but that is not entirely true. Sure, black cufflinks make a timeless match with white formal shirts, but how about silver ones? After contrasting colors, it’s time to experiment a little with similar shades. You will be amazed to see the results.


Gold Cufflinks for All Solid Colors
As for solid colored shirts, very few can beat gold cufflinks. Avoid the bulkier and pricier items. Instead pick anything minimal and simple like a pair of gold button cufflinks. They are slender, petite and very classy. They are a match for all darker and lighter shades.

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