Ways to Wear a Brooch

Whether you are one of the lucky few to bequeath a startling brooch from your family line or have acquired one at an auction, you will prize a brooch like no other ornament. That’s because a brooch is priceless. It’s sophisticated, swoon-worthy and beautiful to say the least. Although a thing that was worn once and is mostly seen on a 70 year old queen these days, brooches are making a comeback. This time targeting anybody who has an eye for it, broaches are gradually returning to fashion. If you happen to have one or are planning to get one, check out what different ways in which you can wear a brooch.

On Your Hat
No one set a rule about where brooches should be placed. That gives you the full liberty to go creative. Yes, blazers and brooches are really tight friends, but that’s no reason to hold your fashion creativity to the norm. Wear your brooch on a hat and make heads turn as you walk out of the car. Brooches and hats work great together. They give outfits a very distinct look, and if you are a hat person, then you are all in business.

Old with New
One great way to wear your brooch is to mix it with something new. Pin it to your graphic tee shirt or your hoodie dress, and grab a neon clutch. The picture may not impress you right away, but once you are fully done, you will know what I’m talking about. Brooches work surprisingly well with contemporary clothing. Those who have brought together the new and old in their attires know the merits of the combination. Try it before you shrug it off.

On Blazers
The best place for a brooch is on the lapels of a blazer. There is no contradicting that tradition. If you are a person who likes to go by the norm, then wear your brooch proudly on your blazer. A little embellishment that goes a long long way, brooches give blazers a creative spin. No matter whether your blazer is buttoned up or front up, a brooch is a great way of making it look interesting.

On a Boring Bag
Another great place to wear a brooch is on your bag. A brooch can transform an ordinary bag into something truly exotic. So before you throw away your old and fashion disaster of a bag, try dressing it up with a little pin.

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