Some Vintage Rings That Will Have You Stunned

Market stats reported this year indicates that brides-to-be are leaning more and more towards vintage rings for their engagements and weddings than contemporary pieces. This is quite a bold move considering the fresh loads of awe-inspiring modern rings arriving in the stores every month. However, the shift in preference is completely understandable. Antique rings are nothing close to the modern pieces. They are rare, original and from a time in history that we can only read about in books. Though reproductions of vintage rings are filling the store displays fast, it doesn’t seem to affect the buyers’ fascination for the original vintage rings. Here are some rare finds that are hard to find a match of in the market.

Boxy Art Deco Engagement Ring
If you thought angular designs are peculiar to this era, here is a little something to change your perception. This brilliant piece is an import from the 1930, from the Art Deco era. Curved in sterling silver and inlaid with diamonds, the ring holds a perfect round-cut diamond within its boxy frame at the center. The shoulders of the ring are accented by similar square ingots with round diamond fillings. The space beside them are occupied on either sides by 2 marquise-cut diamonds inlaid in marquise frames. The rest of the band is curved with solid sterling silver which adds to the weight of the stones.

Round and Baguette Diamond Halo Ring
This is another unique find from the same Art Deco section. Turns out the halo design in rings predates this century. This piece is uniquely spectacular in its own rights. A large dollop of diamond occupies the heart of the ring which is encircled by two rings of smaller diamonds. The halo of diamonds are interrupted on the sides with the setting of two baguette cut diamonds placed horizontally along the width of the outer band.

Diamond Rosette Ring
This 18 Karat white gold ring is worth falling in love with. Featuring a complex montage of design peppered with diamonds, this ring is worth its steep price.

Marquise Diamond and Sapphire Ring
If you have an eye for sapphire, then this ring is worth a look. Set with a large marquise cut diamond at the center, the ring has square-cut sapphires lined up to make a sharp outline. The band contains three small diamonds on either sides with no interruption thereafter.

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