Vintage Jewelry for Holiday Gifts

The vintage jewelry collection is a momentous addition to the gallery of contemporary jewels. When buyers around the world have busied themselves in the immersive experience of browsing and admiring new and awe-inspiring designs, these vintage jewelry brought to the mass a reprieve from existing and a revisit to the past. Estate jewelry, heritage jewelry or antique jewelry, whatever you call them are stunning pieces that once belonged to the royals, nobles and elites. They are heirlooms bequeathed by the older generations to the descendants to hold and prize. Some of these marvelous pieces can make fine holiday gifts to the special someone or your closest of kin this season.

A Gemstone Locket
If you are thinking expensive, then go for a gemstone locket. Now in earlier times, people didn’t really seem to have much knowledge of solitaires. With that said, most jewelry used an assemblage of gemstones of similar or diverse kinds. For what it’s worth, the composition looked every bit fascinating as the signature pieces of today, possibly more. A gemstone locket that uses a fist-size opal at the center and small scrape diamonds around makes for a breathtaking surprise. Among smaller alternatives, pearl lockets with gemstones accents look wonderful too.

A Solitaire Bracelet
Bracelets are a common vintage item. In fact, most inspirational bracelet designs of today have been in some way, derived from the works of older craftsmen. Vintage solitaires, depending on which era they belonged to, showcase different motifs and diverse stones in their designs. A pearly bracelet or a diamond one, a plain gold bracelet or a gorgeous stone studded one; the choices are pretty much limitless.

A Brilliant Brooch
A brooch is not a very common idea for a gift, but all the same a pretty one. Brooches were used by ladies of yesteryears to pin to the front of their dresses. A fashion addition to gowns and dresses, one such pin could instantly upgrade a regular dress to a ball-worthy one. If your idea is to gift her something rare and lovely, then a vintage brooch makes a great choice. Particularly, when you are looking in the classic section, luck is likely to be on your side for you are going to witness some of the finest specimens of work from history. Since brooches made a particularly common fashion accompaniment in older times, they were produced in overwhelmingly beautiful designs and patterns.

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