Vintage Inspired Jewelry: The Curtains Drawn Apart


Antiquity has a certain class of its own. No amount of smart and snazzy can eclipse the beauty of vintage. This is true for wine and champagne, as it is for furniture and potteries, and most for jewelry. Antique jewels are articles of great value, and that’s how it is around the world. The rarest pieces are auctioned for incredulous prices, their top bidders being people with the most epicurean tastes and deepest pockets. Luckily, vintage diamond jewelry are not exactly scarce when the reach of affordability is far lesser. Jewelry galleries in all parts of the world reserve a special section for vintage inspired beauties that are sold at varied prices that are mostly decided on their metal and make.

Are They the Same as Vintage Ornaments?
Frankly, the answer is no. They are hardly the same as the aged jewel artefacts that have been passed down the hands of generations from a time immemorial. In worth, they are not. But, when it comes to grandeur and finish, which is to say, by the face value, only the most critical eyes can tell apart the nuances between a real and inspired. So, as long as they have a 90% resemblance, why care to whine over the real one? You can obtain vintage inspired jewels from any store at a fraction of that amount only.

Are They Replica Jewels?
Again a no there. These ornaments are only designed borrowing inspirations and ideas from iconic vintage jewels. The real Kohinoor didn’t have a second, but the market is still swamped with high quality diamonds that are not just expensive, but are one-off in their 4Cs.  Similarly, these jewelry pieces might not be the ones retained from history, but they definitely have a lot in common. The designs are aged in their essence, but with a touch of modernity which does not come out like an anomaly, but a perfect blend of now and then.

Metals and Stones
Jewelry that is inspired by vintage ornaments uses similar or different materials as the muse pieces. Most of the vintage inspired pieces are curved out of yellow gold or sterling silver. Back in time, these were the only two heavy metals that were used in ornaments. However, jewelers now prefer to deviate from that tradition and introduce platinum, white gold and other newer metals in this section. It not only gives the jewels a fresh touch, but also a very different feel because of the fusion. As for stones, most jewels in this section of the gallery are studded by diamonds and colored gemstones. Emerald and ruby are popular choices because of the wide availability of these stones in the past eras. However, if you like, you can customize the kind of stone you want your piece to wear.

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