Users Guide for Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds do come with certificates, but no user manuals. Most people who own diamond jewelry admit that they may find a users’ guide quite handy. Regardless of the consensus growing around it, there is still no signs of a pocket guidebook for the buyers. Never mind because the guideposts are just not lengthy. In fact, a swift sweep through this article is all it would take for you to gather up some important pointers about using diamond jewelry in everyday life.


Diamond halo earrings

Wash It Often

Your diamonds a part of your everyday routine and the labor you do. Sun and sweat grease up the outer and inner surfaces of jewelry making them dim and dull within weeks. The only way to revive the shine at zero cost is to clean them at home. It’s not an elaborate process and it won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time. Choose a weekend to wash them with some mild soap water. Brush the inner contours of the design gently with a baby toothbrush, rinse them under running water and pat them dry.


Do Not Bathe With It On

Whatever jewelry you are wearing, make sure you take them off ritualistically before stepping into the shower. Do the same before getting a spa therapy or a sauna bath. Soap scum from shower can affect the shine of diamonds. Soap residues find an easy way to settle into the inner corners of jewelry forming a muck over time. This not only steals the shine of the stone, but also causes bacterial skin infection. Even if you clean your jewels once a week, make it a point to leave them behind when going to take a shower.


Don’t go swimming with your jewelry

Another place where you should avoid going with your diamond jewelry on is swimming. The chlorine in the water leaves a dark pallor on the skin. With regular exposure, they also impact the brilliance of diamonds. Chlorine caused dullness is often said to be irreversible.


Don’t Powder It

Do not put your jewelry on until you have done your makeup. You don’t want to impede the brush strokes with jagged ornaments, nor do you want to dab or dust the ornaments with mouse or face powder and ruin the glitter. Try to finish up the entire makeover before you wear them.

Follow this guide to keep your diamonds sparkling forever.

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