How Used Jewelry is Cleaned and Polished at Jewelry Stores

Has the immaculate ornament cleaning job at a jeweler’s ever planted a question in your mind? Most people step out happy, with wonder in their eyes. A bath at a jewelry store is all it takes for an old ornament to return to its lost glory. So exactly these guys do that, or what do they really do to turn a scratched, shine-less piece of jewelry into a just bought one? Well, I have to say there is technology involved to a great degree. Here is how gold, platinum, diamond and silver ornaments are cleaned and polished at a jeweler’s workshop.

Ultrasonic Cleaning – Ultrasonic cleaning is a procedure known for its mind-boggling results. The procedure uses a certain device that generates ultrasonic sound waves. The jewelry is placed in the path of emission. The waves are strong enough to create a gentle vibration that knocks off all loose dust particles from the surface of the stone and metal. How this is different from wiping the pieces is that it leaves no scratch on the surface. As opposed to cleaning at home with soap and water, ultrasonic cleaning has far greater visible results. However, it is sometimes not the best drill for stone studded ornaments because the vibration may loosen up the settings.

Rhodium Bath – Jewelry that is dipped in rhodium at the time of the making are sent for a rhodium bath to restore the polish. However, this doesn’t happen in case of gold and platinum ornaments because rhodium is, by comparison, far less expensive a metal. A dip in the rhodium brings back the lost shine and luster of the ornaments.

Steam Cleaning – Finally, the ornaments are made to face a jet of steam that ejects vapor at 100 degrees Celsius. The vapor from the nozzle liquidates all greasy deposition on the ornament. Jewelers prefer not to give used ornaments sent for cleaning a rub or wipe lest they scratch. The vapor bath, on the contrary, does a fantastic job at cleaning up all oil and dirt from the surface and inside.

Setting Bolster – At the close of the cleaning process, the jewelers collect the pieces and check for lost gemstones and loose setting. All weak settings are bolstered and lost stones are replaced. Those that came with a missing stone or two are repaired for a cost. The ornaments at this stage are handled with gloved hands to avoid dirtying.

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